A Little Bit About Explore Discover Act

Cameron Brown
Cameron Brown 
Founder’s Notes 


As founder of Explore Discover Act, I am proud to offer Leadership Development Programs that reflect our deep belief in the potential of each individual. We foster fun, safe, dynamic and connection filled environments for participants to stretch, contribute and grow. Our experiences and ongoing communication nurture a deepening of connection to self, others and the world around us.

With potential being our why, experiential learning is our how (learning by doing with reflection). We come to you, provide day or multi day program options and integrate school community issues and themes into experiences. Participants increase knowledge, awareness and appreciation, as well as develop purposeful skills, attitudes and behaviours. 

Thanks for your interest in how Explore Discover Act can support your school community. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

- Vision -

Thriving individuals, families and communities owning their capacity to lead and make a difference.

- Mission -

We help build leaders who inspire through the difference they make for and with others.

- Core Values -

Connection, Wisdom, Authenticity, Hope, Making a Difference.

Our People


Luke is a dedicated town planner, basketball fanatic, and father of three. He always seems to find time to tinker, build and experiment amongst the busyness that work and family responsibilities create.


His website development and IT support are crucial in us being able to effectively communicate with our current and potential clients.



Alison has over 20 years experience working within a variety of educational settings. Participants and teachers alike really value her warmth and enthusiasm when they interact with her during program experiences.


She’s a huge believer in potential, striving herself to be a difference maker in the various areas of her personal and professional life, as well as inspiring others to do the same.


Ken is an adventurer at heart, having walked, paddled, climbed and explored much of our amazing country. He is surprisingly skilled in industrial design and manufacturing which comes in very handy - if you’ve participated in one of our program experiences then chances are Ken probably made a lot of the equipment you used.


The example Ken sets is the inspiration for an important theme that runs throughout many of our programs; an attitude of I Can, a belief in You Can, and inspiring We Can.


Marty has a wide variety of experiences in business development and management and is integral to the way Explore Discover Act has evolved. He loves to dig deeper into the who, what, where, when, how and why that it takes to foster the types of ripples that we are seeking to create within our client schools and beyond.


He’s a people person, who loves to see individuals and groups stretching, contributing and growing.