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The most difficult part of writing a testimonial for Cameron Brown and Explore Discover Act is trying to put into words everything that he and his programs provide for a school community. The list is very lengthy.

Our school’s relationship with Cameron began 5 years ago with a single leadership day for our Stage 3 students. This has since developed into Stage 3 leadership days at the beginning and end of each school year. Our Stage 2 students participate in a Camp Adventure Day each year and there has also been a program initiated for our K-2 students.

Over the years, Cameron has developed a relationship with our student body based on respect, responsibility and having fun! He actively engages with staff members to develop programs based on our student’s needs and provides ongoing support and lesson opportunities throughout the school year through regular email correspondence.

Cameron personifies great leadership and what it means to be a role model. He always brings new, relevant and highly engaging activities for the students, which resonate with them beyond the incursion and provide inspiration, particularly in ways of leadership and growth mindset.

These leadership values in our students have been embedded to the point where they are positively influencing our local high school as evidenced in a piece of feedback I wrote for Cameron in the past:

“A high school representative reported that over the past two years, cohorts coming from our school are willingly identifying themselves as leaders and seeking leadership opportunities in their new environment. This is a noticeable change to past cohorts and unique within the feeder schools.”

Cameron is a friendly and professional educator who has built Explore Discover Act based on his principles and genuine interest in improving the life skills and mindsets of students.

I highly recommend Cameron and Explore Discover Act to any school looking to enhance their school communities values, leadership and engagement.

Rob Smith, Assistant Principal

Woonona East Public School

Explore Discover Act has been a crucial part of our Stage 3 program for over 5 years now. With the expert skills of Cameron and others, our students have benefited greatly from a program that can respond to our goals as a school from year to year. Clever, varied and engaging pedagogy leads our students to uncover their potential and re-frame their worlds in positive and growthful ways as leaders of their school and members of their communities.


Students love the games, challenges and reflective tasks that are connected to their experiences and push them just that little bit more! Students that have many different personal challenges are supported to participate equally to their peers and many shine in ways we have never seen before. The program is well organised and the team professional and warm. Explore Discover Act is worth every penny!

Mary Cooper, Teacher

St Mark's Primary School Drummoyne

I have had the pleasure of working with Cameron for the past 3 years. I am in awe of his ability to work with large groups of children, keeping them highly engaged whilst spreading the important message of leadership. Students finish the day feeling empowered and with a clear understanding of what a true leader is. Cameron has worked with our school Year 6 cohort, as well as a large group of 140 student school captains, tailoring his program accordingly. I have no hesitation in recommending Cameron and his Explore Discover Act programs. Cameron is a true professional in every aspect.

Lyn Welsh, Deputy Principal

North Rocks Public School

Cameron has worked with our Year 4 and Year 6 cohort at St Paul's, Camden over the past two years, developing and designing a L.E.A.D with Me Program (10 weeks) specific to each cohorts needs. Cameron's dedication to empowerment is evident in the passion and professionalism he continually shows each week when interacting with students and teachers. The reflection opportunities that Cameron provides each week can also be used with other cohorts and we have used them in staff meetings to generate meaningful discussion.

Sheereen Brunetta, Assistant Principal

St. Paul's Catholic Primary School, Camden

On behalf of the teachers and students of Figtree Public School, I would like to thank Cameron from Explore Discover Act for his professional, passionate and student friendly K-6 Leadership workshops. The feedback from all teachers, and the students, has been extremely positive. The students felt the workshops led them to thinking about leadership in a more positive and productive light. The workshops at the beginning of Term One have given us an extremely positive start to our learning journey for 2018. 


Richard Lloyd, Assistant Principal

Figtree Public School

Cameron Brown has been part of the Year 5 Academically Gifted Program for the past three years. During this time, he has inspired the students to work together to bring out the best in each other. 

All lessons are well prepared, well-resourced and totally engaging. The students appreciate Cameron’s clear instructions, the fun they have, as well as his encouragement and obvious joy watching what they do.  The teaching points that are incorporated into reflections include special observations that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. This makes all the students feel like they have an important part to play. 

As a professional, I am impressed at the range of skills Cameron brings out in the students: communication (including non-verbal), collaboration, tolerance, persistence, kindness, encouragement of others, problem-solving, engagement and celebration … to name but a few! I enjoy being able to observe and interact with my students on these days and always pick up new ideas that inform my own AG teaching.

The students enthuse about the day to family members and the wider school community; past students still fondly mention the time they had. The Leadership Days have an extremely positive effect on the students interpersonal skills and relationships and are a definite highlight of our year! 

Thank you, Cameron.

Catherine Hanes, Teacher

Wollongong and South Coast Academically Gifted Classes

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