Learning With

Students are learning with. We're learning with. And the teachers are learning with. Facilitation is definitely not solely participants learning from. It's absolutely a shared journey of growth and development. We love hearing connections made by the participants within a program day. Students will within a session, and also during breaks or after the day has finished, come up and articulate how the experience, and others within it, has impacted them. But it's been conversations with teachers lately that have also shown us the depth of ripples being created. It's so incredible when teachers tell us about what they've learnt about their students by stepping back and observing, listening and c


As I was walking up a set of stairs recently a complete stranger behind me made a statement that had me quickly turning around. It wasn't rude. Or offensive. It was in truth just a simple sentence. And surprisingly correct. "You've had achilles surgery". My first thought was how did they know. Secondly I began thinking was I walking a certain way that would of showed this. Then the aha hit, my scar. The simple comment turned into an interesting conversation. Moments of connection that wouldn't of been there if I was wearing longer socks. The scar was visible. And this person chose to be respectfully curious, emphatic and honest. How often do we miss opportunities to deepen connection, with s

Never Lost On Us

The 2020 school year is here. Well actually, we're now two weeks in. Each program day so far has seen us reconnecting with existing client schools. We're looking forward to also welcoming some new client schools as the term goes on. To start the term it's been great to catch up with so many teachers, support and adminstration staff we've now known for years. As well as plenty of new students to support, we've also been lucky enough to work with again students who've now moved into Year 6 (some client schools offer our program experiences for Year 5 or 6 separately, while some have the whole of Stage 3 together). What an inspiring two weeks it's been. So many moments of participants bringing

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