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I'm Telling Everybody

Happy New Year to you and yours from us here at Explore Discover Act. We hope 2023 provides you with many opportunities to be a difference maker in your own and others' lives. I haven't written here for quite some time. 2023 seems like a great year to get back into some writing consistency after what's been an interesting couple of years.

"Long term consistency trumps short term intensity". - Bruce Lee

So let's start the new year blogging with a New Year's day story. It's morning. A beautiful day. And I'm bushwalking one of my favourite tracks. I've walked the challenging upwards section (getting a bit off track along the way), enjoyed the view over the coastline as the reward, and am now walking along the cliffline before starting to head back down. I hadn't run in to many people so far that morning but I definitely couldn't miss the man I was about to have a brief conversation with.

"Life is so unexpected. Be grateful for every moment". - Anonymous

You know those people you can feel their energy before you've even spoken to them: that was him. He was older, had two walking poles, and was just beaming as he moved to the side to make room for me to pass first. As I went to exchange 'Happy New Year' pleasentries I was met with, 'I've just finished 6 months cancer treatment, I'm hopeful it's now all gone, I'm telling everybody'. I was so happy to be one of those everybody's in that moment.

"If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud". - Émile Zola

In our brief conversation I was able to listen, and share in, the learnings, positivity, and gratitude that were now driving this mans life. Every day was being lived as a blessing, and he wanted to share that feeling with others. It wasn't his words though that were most impactful. It was the way he was showing up and letting his energy guide the message. He was choosing to 'be' rather than just 'tell' what was most important to him.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". - Maya Angelou

This brief interaction impacted my day. This brief interaction has continued to impact my week. I hope this brief interaction (and many more) continue to impact my 2023. And I hope to do the same for others as well, by the way I show up and be within my spheres of influence. Thank you for continuing to journey with us as we explore possibilities, discover potential and act authentically.

Happy New Year!

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