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We've just started preparing to update our website so it reflects fully how we're currently supporting our clients. We're just at the beginning of this process though, so no changes to the current website just yet. Over the last week or so we've reached out to some of our clients to see if they'd share a short testimonial with us that we can include on the updated website. We've been so humbled by each of their responses to those enquires and the connection we've been privileged to build with them over the past 6 years. Below is an example of what we'll be so fortunate to share with those visiting our website when we go live with the updated version in the coming weeks.

Explore Discover Act has been a crucial part of our stage 3 program for over 5 years now. With the expert skills of Cameron and others, our students have benefited greatly from a program that can respond to our goals as a school from year to year. Clever, varied and engaging pedagogy leads our students to uncover their potential and re-frame their worlds in positive and growthful ways as leaders of their school and members of their communities. Students love the games, challenges and reflective tasks that are connected to their experiences and push them just that little bit more! Students that have many different personal challenges are supported to participate equally to their peers and many shine in ways we have never seen before. The program is well organised and the team professional and warm. Explore Discover Act is worth every penny!

- St Mark's Primary School, Drummoyne

Thank you to all our valued clients who leave us feeling deeply humbled each and every day. It really is such a pleasure to be able to support the learning and leadership journeys of your students as we explore the possibilities, discover potential and act authentically, together! We look forward to being able to share our new website with you soon.

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